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ACell® for Hair Transplant Surgery

General Information regarding ACell®

ACell® is a unique proprietary medical product used in various applications for human and animal medicine and surgery. The product is the “only-one-of-its-kind” protein developed and manufactured from the tissues of pig bladders. The product is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivity or allergy to porcine materials.

During the manufacturing process of ACell®, it is disinfected, packaged, and sterilized via electron beam radiation. ACell® is a non-crosslinked, completely resorbable, acellular extracellular matrix scaffold, rich with naturally-occurring collagens and proteins and maintains an intact epithelial basement membrane surface to wound healing. The chemical structure is similar to human tissues, and is available only through a licensed physician and surgeon.

ACell® is currently used as a stem cell therapy, and has been used extensively for management of wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, wound trauma, and burns. It has been extensively used in the Veterinary tissue-engineering field as well.

In the field of hair restoration, ACell® currently lacks any medical literature or science proving it’s efficacy. Anecdotal evidence of its success, although, does exists as it has been used as stand alone treatment for hair loss or strip scar repair. It also can be combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to stimulate hair growth or scar remodeling and repair.

ACell® is also manufactured in solid sheets, called MatriStem® Surgical Matrix. It is used for implantation to reinforce soft tissue in urological, gynecological, and gastroenterological anatomy. Its clinical applications are wide including finger amputation and Keloid scar treatment.

Acell Treatment for Hair Loss Irvine, CA
ACell® as solid sheet form

ACell® in Female and Male Hair Loss

Stem Cell Treatment for Men and Women's Hair Loss

Stem cell regeneration and regrowth of the hair follicle has been a long-term objective for modern day hair science. Many claims and products are available in the market place and are usually met with disappointment. It is common for patients seek non-traditional sources of medications and often end up spending money on products and procedures that lack scientific evidence.

ACell® in hair transplantation to stimulate graft survivability at this time remains in its unconfirmed clinical and research stage. Medical research providing documentation of its success still is lacking, but many hair restoration surgeons observe anecdotal evidence of its effectiveness.

Acell Treatment for Hair Loss Irvine, CA
Powder Form of ACell®

Strip Donor Scar Repair

ACell® has been clinically shown to improve donor scar appearance from previous surgeries. The product promotes rapid donor site remodeling and healing. It needs to be noted, ACell® has not been proven to regrow or promotes hair follicle growth in scars. To increase hair density in a previous surgical strip scar, this product is used to repair the scarred tissue so healthy new transplanted follicles will grow in the scar.

Historically, a few surgeons in the hair restoration field first believe that plucked hair will regrow in the donor linear scar with ACell treatment. Although many physicians may make claims in medicine, adequate study and time usually rebuke or accept such claims. Scientifically valid claims usually take time to validate medical facts.

The following photos are supplied by the manufacturer of ACell®

Acell Treatment for Hair Loss Irvine, CA

Donor site prior to Acell Application

Acell Treatment for Hair Loss Irvine, CA

Donor site remodeling and repair Five(5) months post application

Acell Treatment for Hair Loss Irvine, CA

Five (5) month close up of donor site remodeling

How is the Procedure performed?

As a stand-alone procedure, the product is essentially injected into the subcutaneous tissues of the scalp and combined with the patient’s blood-platelet rich plasma (PRP). The procedure is considered essentially painless. The scalp is anesthetized or numbed with “ring blocks” using Lidocaine. Small amounts of the product mixture is then injected subcutaneously where the hair dermal papillae (hair root) is located beneath the skin. Our staff then washes the hair and the patient leaves the office without any restrictions.