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Telemedicine Consultation with Dr. Williams

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For those patients who are out of the area, state, or country who interested in a Telemedicine consultation with Dr. Williams,  please contact our office by completing the Online Contact form on this page. After you have completed this form our office will contact you by phone or email to better understand your hair restoration goals and questions.

After we have made contact with you,  we can  arrange a consultation in our office or via Telemedicine. The ideal first encounter with Dr. Williams would be  an office based face-to-face consultation. During this consultation our office staff  and Dr. Williams will invest the time educating you and to understand your hair restoration goals. At this encounter, Dr. Williams will evaluate you and exam your scalp to determine if you are a surgical candidate or assist you in your medical management.

For those patients who are unable to have this personal meeting with Dr. Williams, and who live outside of the southern California area, we use video web based conferencing as an alternative for office based pre operative consultation through Zoom or Skype. Downloading Skype or  Zoom is simple and gets you started along the process of your hair restoration goals.