Dr. Ken Williams, joins as a new member of the AACT

POSTED ON DECEMBER 21, 2017 | by Dr. Ken L. Williams

In joining this professional, institutional, and patient-based organization, Williams demonstrates his support for emerging stem or stromal cellular therapies in medicine and surgery. These new treatment startegies are strongly believed to alleviate numerous medical diseases, especially in treating hair loss disorders such as scaring alopecias, or female or male pattern baldness.

AACT is a global alliance of scientists, researchers, physicians, administrators, device manufacturers, and patients, dedicated to the ethical, efficacious, and expeditious advancement of cell therapies. This collaboration bridges the diverse interests of its membership, and is directed at establishing best practice guidelines and clinical translation of biologics without overburdensome regulatory government oversight.

Dr. Williams is one of the first hair surgeons in the United States to introduce biocellular therapy using stem/stromal cells for hair loss in men and women. This novel medical therapy is based on adding growth factors and cytokine rich Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to the biocellular enriched Stromal Vascular Fraction (cSVF) from a small lipoaspirate procedure(LAP). This procedure obtains fat containing stem/stromal cells that is then processed in a closed sterile system and subsequently injected into the scalp of men and women experiencing hair loss.

Patients suffering from other forms of hair loss such as Alopecia Areata and Cicatricial Alopecia are also being treated using these new cellular therapies. As with all new medical or surgical therapies, clinical results vary from one patient to another, and no guaranteed results can be made.

About Dr. Williams

Ken L. Williams, Jr., D.O., FISHRS is a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, and Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). In addition to his AACT membership, he is a member of worldwide and important stem cell societies such as the International Federation of Adipose Therapeutics and Science (IFATS), and the International Society of Stem Cells (ISSC). As a board certified hair surgeon, Williams is also a member of the ISHRS, North American Society for Hair Research, American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.