Jon Hamm’s Beard – Facial Hair Reconstruction

Actor Jon Hamm shows off his sexy scruff this week. A dramatic difference from the always clean-shaven executive Don Draper character Hamm plays in AMC’s Mad Men. Many big name celebs like Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks (to name a few) grow facial hair during filming breaks.

Many men, however, are unable to grow facial hair do to trauma, surgery, or genetics. These men report their lack of facial hair weakens their self-esteem and often they desire a more masculine look.

Facial surgical hair restoration is the procedure of choice for men who want more facial hair or repair areas where facial hair is permanently not present. Because this is a relative new technique in hair restoration, public awareness is low but hope is alive for these men. Our surgeon and surgical team at Orange County Hair Restoration Center can assist restore facial hair using the FUE of FUT surgical techniques to restore the beard, mustache, or sideburns.

For years, hair restoration surgeon, Dr Ken Williams at Orange County Hair Restoration, has helped men enjoy their facial hair with beard/mustache/sideburn restoration surgery. Click here for more information on facial hair restoration surgery or call our office at (949) 333-2999 to schedule a consultation.