Patient Stories

Case #1

51 year old male with Andropecia Allopecia, Norwood Grade 5. Patient received 2380 grafts by means of automated FUE with NeoGraft. The results shown are after six (6) months. Maximal results typically seen twelve (12) months after procedure.

“At fifty years of age, I have watched my hair disappear for the last twenty years. My kids would always make fun of my ‘landing strip’ on my frontal hairline and how old I was looking. Now only three (3) months after my surgery, I have regained some of that youthful character I possessed when I was in my thirties. It is still early after my surgical hair restoration surgery with NeoGraft, and I am excited with how much more hair I will grow.

It is a great feeling when people tell me how much more younger I look with my hair restored. What really impressed me with the surgery was how easy it was to do. I wear my hair short, if I had the Strip procedure I would always worry about people looking a scar on the back of my head. I plan on having my second procedure for the back of my scalp done in about a year. I can’t wait.”

Case #2

37 year old male with Androgenic Alopecia, Norwood 4. The patient in July 2009 received 2040 grafts via automated FUE with NeoGraft. One year later the patient underwent a second procedure with NeoGraft to increase his frontal hairline density receiving 1050 grafts using the automated FUE technique.